NEWS on the Home Front at Outpost Wargame Services

(new ranges, ideas and thoughts for the future!)

I will update this as often as possible or as things progress to let you know how/what we are doing

May 2014

A lot going on despite the lack of website updates. But to be honest, between keeping orders shipped and getting the house on the market, there has been very little time to progress with new ranges. We have however kept the sculptors busy and have quite a lot to release once the house sells and I can quit the day job, concentrate more on OWS and get our lives back! Most people probably don't appreciate the amount of work needed to prepare figures for production release once they have been master moulded but believe me it is a lot and we simply haven't had the time to do enough to make things viable releases. This means we have a LOT backed up ready for when we do have the time and as we intend to be around for a long time yet I don't see the need to rush at things and maybe make mistakes. Obviously, we hope the house will sell soon and we can get ranges (and range updates) done during 2014.