28mm Pewter Figurines : Packs contain 8 foot figures or 4 mounted (or otherwise described)

These Mayans are designed for the period when they were in conflict with the Conquistadors (i.e. post Toltec) but can be used for conflicts with other Meso-american peoples. The command figures are taken from the murals in Chitzen-itza from an earlier period, as no sources for command figures from the later period have been found by us. As the figures depict animals that were held as sacred in both times, it has been assumed that the costumes were still applicable (and they look great!)

Sculpted by Martin Baker


Pictures Code Description Price Unit Pack
Levy Warriors MAY1 Levy Warriors : 8 variants supplied with spear, axe and Atl-atl along with 2 shield variants. £9.00 24 figs : £26.00
Mayan bowmen Mayan slingers MAY2 Levy Warriors with bow / sling : 8 variants £8.50 16 figs : £16.50
MAY3 : Elite Warriors (from front) MAY3 : Elite Warriors (from behind) MAY3 Elite Warriors with back banner - 7 variants (2 bowmen, 5 open handed supplied with a mix of spear, axe or atl-atl, 2 different shields and 2 different types back banner) photos show 4 of the 7 variants from front and back complete with back banner £12.00 16 figs : £23.00
Mayan commanders Mayan Commander in Quetzalcoatl rattlesnake costume MAYC1 Commanders(4) : in 4 very ornate costumes including the Quetzalcoatl serpent costume, supplied with a mix of spear, axe and atl-atl, 2 different shields. £7.50 n/a
Mayan back banners(Elite) and Standard MAYC2 MAYAN war banner (6) : each unit carried a differently coloured war banner carried by either the commander or a standard bearer - we have supplied them separately so that you can choose and to keep the command pack cheaper. War banner on right of photo £6.00 n/a
Mayan Musicians MAYC3 Musicians (4) : 4 different - drummer with upright drum, gourd drummer, conch player, trumpeter £7.00 n/a
Mayan Musicians MAYC4 Mayan Princess with arms raised £1.20 n/a
Sacrifice Set Sacrifice Set Sacrifice Set MAYS1 Sacrifice Set : Three different priests, Sacrificial altar, sacrificed figure and sacrificed Jaguar

I just had to share the fantastic paint work of Neil Burt with you - these figures are some of his best work to date in my opinion. It's hard to get the feel of these from photos, but 'in the hand' the figures look absolutely sinister ..... just as they must have appeared to the victim! Well done Neil, keep them coming!

More pictures of these (and many other figures) can be found at Neils yahoo gallery LINK

and the 'Feathered Serpent project' (the seige of Technotitlan') gallery is an abolute 'must see' LINK

£10.00 n/a
CUSTOMERS PAINTED FIGURES click on the images for a larger picture
Sacrifice set by Remi Spindler    Torch bearer by Remi Spindler
The Sacrifice set above is by a French customer, Remi Spindler .... stunning!
Maya warriors by Xavier Morlec  Maya warriors by Xavier Morlec Maya warriors by Xavier Morlec Maya Elite warriors by Xavier Morlec Maya Elite warriors by Xavier Morlec
Carrying on the tradition of French artistry, this time from Xavier Morlec - a series of pictures of the Mayan Warriors ... beautiful, I wish I had them on the stand!
Shields, Back Banners and Multiple Weapons are supplied as appropriate to figures
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