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A note about master figures : while every effort is made to produce the figures exactly as you see them here, due to failures or difficulties when mould making some figures may need to be adjusted to make them more 'practical' for casting purposes. Please refer to the gallery for the actual range to see the final production figures.

Update : 20th March 2010

The Bow Street runners set
John 'Swift Nick' Nevison
The Highwaymen gang

New Highwaymen release - Bow Street Runners set. Sirs Henry and John Fielding, Saunders Welch and 2 runners

we've kept these as good generic figures for all kinds of uses, from Pirates to 'Pulp', we hope you like them

New Highwaymen release - John 'Swift Nick' Nevison, a 'Gentleman Highwayman'
New Highwaymen release - the Highwaymen gang, 2 of them are unmasked and could be used as Militia
The Footpads
Caucasian Cossacks with sword
Turkish regular cavalry
New Highwaymen release - the Footpads, in masks .... nasty pieces of work!
Russo Turkish War - Caucasian Cossacks on foot with swords
Turkish Regular cavalry - I'm hoping to release at Salute, but will be tight for time. Should have samples at least if you want to see them at the stand
Don Cossack mounted with sword
Don Cossack cavalry
Caucasian cossacks on foot advancing with rifle
One of the 4 Don / Ural Cossack cavalry
The other 3 - another 'hopeful' for release at Salute
Dismounted Caucasian cossacks advancing with rifle. Yes you've guessed - I'm trying for a Salute release. We start work on the mounted versions early May

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